V-White Auto brush Automatic Toothbrush Hands-Free

V-White Automatic Hands-Free Toothbrush

Rating 4.9Jantra Jacobs   

Effectively clean your teeth with the  V-White Automatic Hands-Free Toothbrush. This gadget offers a 360-degree cleaning and teeth whitening experience in under a minute. Featuring a patented and FPA-approved design, the V-White Automatic Toothbrush provides three features in one. It provides deep cleansing, photocatalytic whitening and gum and teeth enhancement.

The automatic toothbrush kills 99.99% of oral germs and bacteria. It also massages your gum, which helps prevent gum shrinking. Likewise, it improves the strength of your gums and teeth to prevent oral diseases and Periodontitis.

The V-White Automatic Toothbrush provides a quick full brush within 30-45 seconds and is three times more effective than regular toothbrushes. Complete with a high-grade battery, the toothbrush lasts for a week on a single charge.

Finally, the V-White Automatic Toothbrush has three different models available, including options for children and adults.

autobrush v-white automatic toothbrush

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